Exposure: 1/320 sec, f/7.1, ISO 200

I always say that you don't need to look far to find adventure, that you can create unique images just outside of your backward, no matter what corner of the planet are are from.

But some things only exist at the end of the Earth... or rather the edge of one of its giant puzzle pieces, the massive plates that make up the surface we live on. The rocky cliff you're seeing at the right of the image is the edge of North America, with Eurasia beginning to the left. Iceland sits right overtop of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, where these two tectonic plates meet - the only place on the planet where this can be seen above sea level (the rest of it lies at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean). The clash of these continental plates is what formed the island of Iceland, and they are the reason this country is home to over 130 volcanoes, many of them still active today!

You wouldn't guess that this image was shot in the most intense winds we experienced in the country that weekend, right? At times it was actually hard to stand still, let alone walk against it. I pulled this photo off by keeping lower to the ground, using a fast shutter speed, and of course the incredible image stabilization of my camera and lens. Despite cutting our hike a little short, the frigid and powerful breeze only enhanced our experience here!