I skipped ahead a little in my last post, let's start from the beginning.

We touched down at Keflavik International early Saturday morning, just before 5am. The sun wasn't up yet but our Skoda was already fueled up and waiting in the lot. We walked through the rain, loaded our bags and took off on our first road trip of the weekend.

The roads were completely empty, even near Iceland's capital and only major city; the country was still asleep. I did this exact drive just months earlier but this time I could hardly recognize a thing. Between winter and spring, the country looked like two entirely different places; the then icy road that used to be surrounded by snow fields was now moist from the rain, and the surrounding terrain was beginning to transition into green, with only distant mountain peaks showing signs of snow.

Population here is sparse, and the landscapes are immense and beautiful, with the scenery changing by the hour. Route 1 (or the Ring Road) is a 1,332 kilometer stretch circling the entire island, one lane in each direction, with the only thing limiting your speed being sharp bends, the occasional wildlife, and your common sense. Which can be exhilarating but slightly unnerving at times.

This unique road will take you places you never imagined existed on Earth...

Exposure: 1/125 sec, f/6.3. ISO 320

Getting the shot

The narrow single-lane road didn't leave much room for error; this particular stretch of highway had the edge of the lane dropping abruptly down into a steep black slope. I had to squeeze the car right up to the edge to leave room for the occasional passing vehicles before jumping out for some air and a few photos. The sky was finally beginning to brighten up and the light drizzle stopped. With the strong wind, I had to bump the ISO up a little, to maintain a faster shutter and avoid blurring the images.