Exposure: 30 sec, f/6.3, ISO 100

A wide-angle view of the vibrant and diverse urban jungle that is downtown Toronto. Sometimes it's nice to step out and look at the bigger picture. In this case that meant driving out to the city's end to look back at it across the waters of Lake Ontario.

Behind the skyline of colours and lights is a massive town full of car traffic, hurrying pedestrians, and the constant megalopolitan buzz filling every bit of space in between. Which you hardly notice while you're picking up your coffee, racing to make it through the yellow light, or struggling to keep track of all your peripherals while crossing the street to catch a bus. So when you're standing on a pier across the lake, staring at the reflection of this not-so-distant reality, you're suddenly overwhelmed with relief; feeling grateful that you're not in the midst of all the chaos... For the next hour or so at least.

This might be my favourite spot for a cityscape view. Close enough to the core that you can swim across and touch it (hypothetically) but far enough that the buzz of its forever bustling atmosphere is muted. The multi-coloured Lego blocks of condos, banks and hotels are in perfect arrangement from this angle. If you get out here early enough, you'll likely be alone; interrupted only by the sound of birds and a cool breeze over the water. There's a slight risk of this serenity being disrupted by the adjacent boat dock, helicopter pad, and everlasting construction zone... But you get the point.

The water that morning was calm, the air super crisp. Wintertime is ideal for these shots - the cool air makes for the clearest view and the most vibrant colours. The slight ripples on the water were blurred by the half-minute exposure, leaving only some streaks on the lake surface, left by the occasional bird touching down. The tower was lit up in its traditional Canadian red and white that morning; of course it's able to take on pretty much any appearance it wants, as you may have seen in some of my other shots of it here. That's another neat spot you can get out (up) to for some perspective and tranquility!

Exposure: 1 sec, f/8, ISO 100